The idea of Playbollymints began with the recognition of commemorating over 100 years of Indian Cinema while targeting Hindi movies, especially. The concept is the outcome of years of undying love, passion and research gone into watching, following, collecting and collating invaluable information towards Hindi films (Bollywood).

Founded in 2018, Playbollymints is a platform for film buffs and enthusiasts who want to seek invaluable information and test their knowledge by playing our brain teasing features formed from the huge database of films released, so far. We aim to form a like minded community, which can also help us add value to it.

We are a crazy team of movie buffs who think, eat, sleep, dream and talk films and the people who have left behind a treasure for all of us to cherish for all times to come. Playbollymints is just a small tribute and contribution towards Hindi cinema, its people and its die-hard followers.

Our mission is to provide fun through Bollywood movies and become the leading content providers of trivia entertainment on the web, mobiles, tabs and events.

5 Amazing Benefits of being a BollyMinter…
  1. Play different types of games & puzzles at your convenience
  2. Unlimited Bollywood related questions and trivia’s
  3. Levels Up your Bollywood brain power
  4. Drives in a sense of winning & achieving
  5. Stimulates the mind and serves as a stress buster