’s mission is to provide users a trusted platform that is useful and beneficial at the same time to build a stronger, safer and happier online community. For our community members to feel welcome, safe and respected, we have developed a set of Community Guidelines to ensure that all of us work towards a healthy environment.

  • Abstain from inappropriate content

    As a community member / user – we request you to Post, Share, Upload and Submit information, content, image or videos that are useful to other people. We request you to refrain and abstain from objectionable, abusive or controversial content, images and videos, etc. that may hurt any other individual's sentiments or culture which convey hatred or are anti-religious in tone.

  • Be respectful, not hurtful

    The soul of is to provide fun with films including the helpful conversations that transpire within our community members. Let’s respect each other’s views and thoughts without hurting one another or creating conflicts of interest. Our guidelines prohibit and discourage posts and replies that discriminate against caste, colour, creed, attack, insult, shame or belittle others.

  • Be true and genuine

    To make a better place, we request our users / community members to use their real identity and genuine information such as real names, profiles, photos, etc. wherever and whenever possible. This would help us to be transparent as well as avoid glitches in future interactions or transactions, if any.

  • Build on relationships

    Help us build on long term relationships that are based on respect, mutual trust, transparency and each other’s well-being in an eco-friendly manner.

  • Keep it clean and legal

    Let’s keep clean, hassle-free and legal by adhering to our terms and conditions. Help us by not violating the rules of privacy, threat to the safety of others, profanity, fraud or spam.

  • The last word

    We request our users / community members avoid posting or sharing their favourite causes, personal views or controversial issues on that may offend fellow members / users. We rely on our members to report to us any such activities involving over-posting, campaigning or posting of controversial and local-issues. Offensive, abusive, anti-national and inappropriate report content that violates our community guidelines may lead to removal of content, suspension of posting privileges, or permanent ban from Due to diversity of users / community members, please keep in mind that while something may be disagreeable to you, it may not violate our Community Guidelines.

Finally, if you find any such content, posts, images, videos, etc. violating any of the above norms, kindly mail us at: